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Saturday, 25 February 2017


I'm really saddened to hear the news of this young girl committing suicide. According to sources she killed herself because of some failed courses.

Why would she do something of that sort? That's the the very question we should be asking ourselves. Others claimed it was due to the pressure she faced from the parents, hence she doesn't want to be a disgrace to the family.

If that's the case then, what happens to that student who dropped out of school because she was impregnated by some "useless" boy somewhere.
Again, we can talk of those who got expelled from the university for one or two reasons.

Referring a course is not a bad thing, neither is it  good. Some people have used failed courses to become better students than they were before. Failing a course doesn't necessarily mean you are a bad student and a failure, no!
As the saying goes, "failure is not when you fall, it is when you refuse to get up from that fall".

Talking about she facing a lot of pressure from the parents. This shouldn't be an issue for her reason. I don't think anyone will encourage his/her ward to play more than they learn in school. They (parents) want all the very best for their children even though they are sometimes hard on them.

In my opinion, anyone who commits suicide does not believe in their maker. Because if they did, they should have known that there is always hope for the future.

I think there is more to this story than her committing suicide. I wish the Police and the Investigation team all the very best in their findings.
May her soul Rest in Peace.

*Kingsley Nii-Oko Lomotey*
*Student*( Ghana Institute of Journalism).

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